December 12, 2021
On Course Testing the All-New P·790 Irons with Trottie Golf
The all-new P·790 Irons from TaylorMade Golf are here, and they are stunning. Watch as Chris Trott takes them out to the course to showcase how these versatile players-distance irons with SpeedFoam Air perform in different scenarios. Whether it's off the fairway, out of the rough or even greenside, these players irons are workable and forgiving enough to pull off all the shots. First, Trottie hits high approaches from distance to an uphill green, showcasing the high trajectory that's become synonymous with these new irons. Thanks to ultra-light SpeedFoam Air, the new P·790 features a heavier tungsten weight, which is repositioned for optimal launch conditions. Then, Trottie hits shots out of a tricky lie in the rough, where distance control and trajectory are key to pulling off a good golf shot. Lastly, Trottie takes you inside 50 yards to display the turf interaction on offspeed golf shots like long pitches and bump and runs that the P·790 irons are capable of pulling off.

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