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Spider GT Red

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0122 Spider GT Hero Red Short Slant
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Stability From Every Angle

Spider GT sets a new standard in terms of performance and contemporary construction. The modern wing design has sharp angular features and extreme perimeter weighting for optimal forgiveness and roll. So, no matter how you look at it, it’s stability from every angle.

FB 1 Spider GT Red Short Slant


This is the first Spider to feature an open frame multi-material design. Two steel side wings (90g each) push 82% of the putter’s total weight to the perimeter, allowing Spider GT to remain extremely stable on off-center strikes.

FB 2 Spider GT Red Short Slant


The most striking feature of Spider GT is the ultra-lightweight top plate, which complements the perimeter-weighted construction. It is crafted from anodized aluminum for both a premium look and increased durability compared to paint or PVD finishes.

FB 3 Spider GT Red Short Slant


Pure Roll² is the latest evolution of TaylorMade’s Tour-proven face inserts. It is crafted from a firm TPU urethane material and contains silver aluminum bars angled at 45° to produce a consistent roll time after time.

FB 4 Spider GT Red Short Slant


A short slant hosel combines with the Spider GT’s extreme perimeter weighting to generate 21° of toe hang, delivering a putter that best fits players with moderate face rotation in the putting stroke.

  • Top Plate with Short Sightline

    Made from lightweight 6061 Aluminum, the 145g top plate eliminates excess weight in the middle of the putter and features a short sightline for alignment.

  • Steel Side Weight Construction

    Steel side weights (90g per weight for a total of 180g) create a heavy frame for stability and distance control. Only 18% of the weight is centered in the middle to stabilize deflection on off-center strikes for maximum forgiveness.

  • Pure Roll² Insert

    The new firmer co-molded insert, manufactured of black TPU urethane with silver aluminum beams at a 45° angle designed to improve topspin across the face.

  • Fluted Feel™

    A newly engineered stability putter shaft with a softer section located 5” from the tip, intently designed to enhance feel, increase stability and improve dispersion.